Introduction To Defeating An Active Shooter

Active shooter scenarios can take place at virtually any location and with little or no warning. Active shooting incidents have recently occurred at public schools, nightclubs, college campuses, places of worship, movie theaters, markets, malls and government buildings. Private businesses have had active shooters gain access to restricted areas with the specific intent to kill and maim targeted individuals inside.

This 2 1/2 hour format provides the time necessary to introduce the issues presented by an active shooter scenario and address this subject from tactical, operational, emotional and psychological perspectives.

In this extraordinary learning opportunity, participants will be trained first to defend against the weapons used in these attacks, such as handguns and assault rifles, and ultimately, how to excel in training drills that will put participants to the test to defeat an attacker who is on the move. The seminar is guaranteed to create a memorable experience in which real-life active shooter incidents are replicated and improve your chances of survival in an actual attack!

Our most recent seminar took place on June 25th 2016. We are hoping to put on similar seminars in the near future. If you'd like more information about this sort of training and other great training opportunities please click the button below and fill out our "wait list" form and one of our member services representatives will contact you!